Curriculum Vitae of Nick Bostrom

Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
London School of Economics
[email protected]


My aspiration to become a leading intellectual figure has led me to obtain a strong background in philosophy, physics, computational neuroscience, mathematical logic, AI, and psychology. My undergraduate performance set a Swedish record (three and a half full-time programs simultaneously) and in high school I completed the final year in ten weeks. Currently I’m finishing a PhD in the philosophy of science. In 1997, I co-founded the World Transhumanist Association to promote the study of the ramifications of future of technology. On the non-academic side, I’ve had art exhibitions with my own work, authored a volume of poetry, written and directed a piece of drama, studied acting, done competitive debating at intervarsity-level, and performed stand-up comedy in a variety of clubs, theatres and on television.


Oct 1996 -

PhD program at the LSE in the philosophy of science. My supervisors are Prof. Colin Howson and Dr. Craig Callender. Also courses in astrophysics and general relativity at King's college, University of London. Studying acting at the City Literary Institute and PR at the Mary Ward Centre.

Jan 1996 - Sep 1996
Computational neuroscience at the mathematics department at King's College. Submitted an MSc on "Cortical Integration" in Information Processing and Neural Networks under the supervision of Prof. J. G. Taylor. The thesis was especially "noted as an excellent piece of work" by the examiners.
Aug 1994 - Jan 1996
University of Stockholm. Studied full-time physics and did an MA-program in philosophy. Thesis: "Understanding Quine's Indeterminacy Theses".
Oct 1993 - Aug 1994
University of Gothenburg. During one half-year term I completed three and a half full-time programs (in Philosophy, Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, and Artificial Intelligence). As far as I know, this is a Swedish record. Received my BA degree in philosophy.
Aug 1993 - Oct 1993
University of Umea. Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics.
Feb 1993 - Aug 1993
University of Gothenburg. Mathematical Logic, Philosophy.
Oct 1992 - Dec 1992
University of Lund. Mathematical Logic, History of Philosophy.
Aug 1989 - Nov 1991
High-school program at the Nicholaiskolan in Helsingborg, Sweden, with an emphasis in science. Completed the final year in 10 weeks.


  • Bostrom, N & Quinn, T. (eds.) (1999) The Philosophy of Transhumanism: A Reader. Forthcoming.
  • Bostrom, N. (1998) "How Long Before Superintelligence?". International Journal of Futures Studies, Vol. 2.
  • Bostrom, N. (1998) "Singularity and Predictability". Extropy Online, October 1998.
  • 1997-1998. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Transhumanism.
  • 1997. Co-founded the World Transhumanist Association, to promote the study of the science and philosophy of present and future technologies.


  • 1998. Consulting on futurology-related topics.
  • 1997 - 1998. A series of appearances on TV (Channel 5) as a stand-up comic; also gigs at various clubs and theatres.
  • 1995. Produced and directed a theatrical work at Fysikum, Stockholm.
  • 1995. A volume of poetry, "Synkrotron".
  • 1991, 1992. Two art exhibitions, mainly oil paintings.


  • Radio Debate. London, 21 Oct 1998. About smoking.
  • New Scientist, Jun 6, No 2137, pp. 26-30, 1998. Interviewed about physicist Max Tegmark's Theory of Everything.
  • The Alberta Report, Apr 27, 1998. Interviewed about transhumanism.
  • Channel 5 (UK television), 1997. Doing my stand-up comedy routine.
  • Helsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish newspaper), 1992. Interviewed about by my art exhibition.
  • Sydsvenska Dagbladet (Swedish newspaper), 1992. Another interview about by my art exhibition.


  • 1998-1999. Problems and methodology of philosophy. 1-yr course at the London School of Economics; class teacher and teaching ass. to Dr. Craig Callender.
  • 1997-1998. Logic. 1-yr course at the London School of Economics; teaching ass. and vicarious lecturer for Prof. Colin Howson.


  • 1998. "Unsolved Doomsday Argument Problems". Conference on "The end of the world"; University of London School of Advanced Study (London, UK).
  • 1998. "The World Transhumanist Association". TransVision98 (Veesp, the Netherlands).
  • 1997. "Predictions from Philosophy?". Annual meeting by the Society for the Philosophy of Technology (Germany).


  • The Foresight Institute, Mensa, UCL debating society, World Future Society, World Transhumanist Association


  • Helsingborgs Handelsf√∂renings Stipendium (1996, 1997)
  • CSN studiest√∂d (1990-1996)


  • Date of birth: Mar 10, 1973
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Place of birth: Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Marital status: Unmarried, no children
  • Home address: London House 503; Mecklenburgh Sq.; London WC1 N2 AB; U.K.
  • Phone: 0171 - 837 8888 (x 2503)