Analytic philosophy on the Web

(c) Nick Bostrom Department of Philosophy  London School of Economics [email protected] Selected links to analytic philosophy on the web. There are already several very comprehensive sites if you're looking for a greater number of links; some of these hubs are listed below. There is also a box which lists other web sites maintained by or otherwise connected to me. Click here to return to the main page with my philosophy papers.

Selected philosophy sites:

  • ELMast.gif (3928 bytes) Philosophy resource site.
  • THE PHILOSOPHICAL GOURMET REPORT, 1998-2000. A ranking of graduate programs in analytic philosophy in U.S. and abroad, by Brian Leiter.
  • chalmers.jpg (14743 bytes) David Chalmer's web site with lots of material on the philosophy of mind.
  • The analytic mailinglist. Moderated mailing list for analytic philosophy. For other philosophical discussion groups, look here.
  • title.gif (2956 bytes) Why don't we philosophers have a resource like the physicists' "lanl"-preprints archive? This is a start.


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Other sites related to me:
(There is some overlap between this site and those below:)